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Mr. Svenson devised a training technique for goalkeepers at his soccer academy. He believes that if goalkeepers train using this technique, they will improve their goal-saving rate in games. The goal-saving rate is the ratio of the number of saves made by a keeper to the number of opposition shots that were on target. To test how effective his new training technique is, Mr. Svenson splits the goalkeepers at the academy into two groups. One group trains using traditional methods, and the other group trains using the new technique. Mr. Svenson compares the goal-saving rates of keepers from the two groups in games played against the same level of competition. He finds that keepers who trained using his new technique had a higher goal-saving rate than those who used traditional methods. What does the goal-saving rate of keepers represent in this case? ОА. the response group ОВ. the explanatory variable O c. the response variable OD the control group

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